Pilates Props
  • Extra Long Flex-Band (5-6ft) MERRITHEW
  • Small Mini-Stability Ball MERRITHEW
  • Yoga Mat I highly recommend a yoga mat for Pilates that provides some cushion and it does not slide on your surface. AMAZON
  • 36-inch Foam Roller A foam roller is great for massage and release of specific muscles. It also can be used as a prop for stability work. AMAZON
Pilates Clothing & Accesories
  • Yoga/PIlates socks offer grip traction on the bottom to prevent slipping. Barefoot is another good option. Regular socks will cause you to slip. AMAZON
  • ATHLETA , TITLE NINE, & OISELLE provide great quality workout clothes. For a lower price point you can find yoga/pilates clothing at Target and Old Navy.
Pilates Books